Hello. okay, info about me. I'm an ARMY. I also like some other groups. I'm also a fan of The Oh Hellos, Melanie Martinez, Waterparks, Ashnikko, Penelope Scott, also a few other artists. I'm a nonbinary/abinary man. Transgender, AFAB, gender non conforming. My pronouns are He/They. I'm pan-alterous, aro-spec, and ace-flux. I'm Ambiamorous (or polyamorous?). I don't have Snapchat. I'm a Ravenclaw. I like all the Percy Jackson books. I spend a lot of my time listening to music and watching youtube. I'm American. I (unfortunately) only speak English. I have (many) "family" issues (abusive parents). I've struggled with depression, suicide, and self-harm in the past, so if you see my old comments, it might sound concerning. Back in summer 2019 I had to stop age regressing due to safety reasons but I recently started again. It had been so long I'd been repressing that I thought I couldn't do it anymore and I still struggle with that. I'm recovering from an eating disorder, so trigger warning for that too on my account. I have C-PTSD, attachment issues, abandonment issues, etc. Notable triggers: don't call me "innocent", don't infantilize me. I'm autistic and ADHD. Please use tone indicators with me (I started using them recently and I find them very helpful). I have motor tics. I'm an anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-authoritarian, anti-racist, anti-ableist anarcho-communist (maybe anarchist). Pro queer liberation and youth liberation. Basically, I'm anti-oppression, I probably missed something with that list. I'm queer as hell and reclaim that slur (arguably no longer a slur) as well as the f slur. All good faith identities are accepted here. My ARMY Birthday is 11/24/18. That's pretty much everything. I hope everyone has a nice day, I purple you!
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  • used to be trapped in my own destructive mind and/or being lonely, now i'm learning how to love myself
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AlexReality AlexReality Jan 15, 2023 08:26PM
so I don't use wattpad any more but um happy 4 years to me I guess :) myself and my whole life had changed a whole lot and I don't feel like this account represents current me anymore but it's still...
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