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•Genderfluid (They/he/her)
•Lvl 21
•Cat and Doggo mom
Other Wattpad account: @AnnalisaTheWriter
Tiktok: c0splayer_alex
AO3: AlexandraCapone
Pateron: AlexandraCapone

:Books coming soon:
Intertwined || Eddie Munson x Rosalie Forrester Ocean Eyes ||Optimus Prime
Stormy eyes, Fading Sparks||Ironhide
Book 5 and 6 of Lisa X Bee series
When Worlds Collide ||Bayverse Bee, Ironhide, Optimus Prime||

{My Fandoms:}
Currently back on my obsession with Stranger Things Mha/Bnha💥
Transformers🐝 TWILIGHT! Team Jacob🐺💕
Miraculous Ladybug

They say Evil, we say Megatron.
They say Good, we say Optimus.
They say Grumpy, we say Ratchet.
They say Annoying, we say StarScream.
They say Cute, we say Bumblebee
They say Girly, we say Knockout
They say Role Model, we say UltraMagnus
They say Scientist we, say Shockwave
They say Girl Power, we say Arcee
They say Quiet, we say Soundwave
They say Shy, we say Bulkhead
They say Bitch, we say Arachnid
They say Gone, we say Cliffjumper.
They say Short Tempered, we say Ironhide
They say Ego we say Crosshairs
They say asshole we say Hound
They say Ninja we say Drift
They say Traitor, we say Sentinel
They say Reckless, we say WheelJack
They say Betrayal, we say Breakdown
They say Fangirl, we say Smokescreen
They say Solider, we say 5t3ve's
They cry when they're favourite character dies, We cry when anyone dies
They say Earth, we say Cybertron.
They have hearts, we have sparks.
They don't freak out when they see red and blue semis, we do.
They say Crap, we say Scrap.
They say Fuck, we say Frag.
They can die, we offline

PROVE to them ALL that there is MORE than meets the eye..
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