Crystal Kingdom is out today! You can find out more at my blog:


@yulisa179 I know how you feel. I loved him so much in that series


@AmandaHocking why did you make Konstantin black < hope I spelled his name wright die??? cried so much still crying I love your books but why??? 


Hi, Amanda! I just want to say, I'm a huge fan of your Trylle trilogy! You've inspired me to finally conjure up the courage to write a novel! And can I say, Loki is low-key the best! When he came into the picture, I was like, "Oh, what a man!" Hehe, thank you for writing the best books ever! Happy writing!


Dear Amanda, 
            I have always found enjoyment in your reading. Your characters, (in every single one of your books), is very relatable. My favourite book of yours is perhaps Frostfire, the Kanin Chronicles, because I love Konstantin! He's so mysterious but gentle at heart. I don't know how often you come on Wattpad, but I really hope you read this. I want you to know how much you inspire me to follow my dreams.


I also really love The Trylle Trilogy. Loki is lowkey an amazing person! ;)


I first picked up ‘switched’ when I was 11, captivated by the first line, and had no idea what I was getting into. I am eternally grateful for you and the trylle series now as it was the first I ever got invested into and inspired me to read more basically making me who I am today. Ty