I enjoy writing Miphlink fan-fiction, and I hope you enjoy reading them.

"His Future is in the Past" is the first one I wrote, and a good one to read first to see if you like my writing. I understand not everyone will!

"Life in Zora's Domain" is the sequel to "His Future is in the Past". For completeness I incorporated the prequel into it. I decided to end this story and pick up things in a sequel.

"The Luminous Stone" is a short story for those who prefer a more canon scenario in which Mipha and Link could not be reunited in life.

"A Tale of Two Princesses" is based on a scenario in which Mipha does not rush to Ruta upon Ganon's return but instead attempts to follow Zelda and Link.

"Love in Zora's Domain" is a sequel to "A Tale of Two Princesses" and not finished yet.

"Mipha: A Champion Rises" was inspired by Zelda BOTW Modder Peregrine's work. In this story, Mipha is barely rescued from Waterblight Ganon, and heals Link before succumbing to her injuries. She is then placed in the Shrine of Resurrection while Link accompanies Zelda to Hyrule Castle to confront Ganon.

Cover art for some of the stories is by Lily E. aka Nurple at the time (https://twitter.com/nurpleynurple) and is used by permission.

Thanks to the Fanfiction follower Solidusgabo for translating some of my writing into Spanish.

Gracias a Solidusgabo por la traducción al español de algunas de mis historias.
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