All your stories are my very very much favorites or most of the favs and they are very very balanced with all emotions,I literally have read those long long stories too many times that I lost my count and finding my other half will be a golden story that is too much close to me ,and I hope you will write more and more of such beautiful ones.i don't know if you will see this or not but I just wanted to say though....
          Hope we have many writers as you....
          You are a wonderful writer


Hii, Angel Tweet .
          I was away from Wattpad for 2 years, and now I came back just to read your story which I left in middle i.e GAME OF BETRAYAL and trust me after returning the first thing I did was to open that story and complete ASAP. I just love your stories and just love you for these.
          Keep writing please
          You are an amazing writer and you are the best when you write about our favourite onscreen couple.
          Love you ❤️