Hi! I write really cliché fanfiction, but I try to make it better than the ones I read. I'm in several fandoms online, but here's a list of some that you might see me write fanfiction for:
-Percy Jackson (I'm obsessed)
-Star Wars
-Harry Potter
-Carmen Sandiego (2019)
-DC/Young Justice
-Avengers/Agents of Shield
-Spiderman (MCU and Ultimate)
-Stranger Things
-And I'll probably never write a fanfiction for it but I am a little too obsessed with the Dream SMP

I am a sucker for crossovers, so that'll be most of what you see here, and they'll probably all include Percy Jackson. And don't worry, I don't think I'll kill off any characters, although I might resurrect some. Jason should be alive because he's survived being stabbed before he can do it again dammit.
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