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@AshlehQueen Hi Ash sent you a message on insta for the same, its an Indian app hope you are going to love it


@AshlehQueen Can i jus cashapp or applepay u for a copy of the full electronic version of the book needs (mafia) ?


@AshlehQueen  You can use kindle/amazon


Lisa is the peculiar youngest sister to her two beautiful sisters, but other from that, she's very content with the way she looks and doesn't really care about beauty-that is, until the most beautiful boy she has ever seen comes to visit. At first she finds herself captivated to the boy and starts to feel something for him, but she is shocked to find that he is a bully, haughty and conceited, and he believes that only beautiful people should be seen with him. Everything happens so fast, and Lisa pretends that these beautiful monster words don't effect her.


Hey, sorry for posting here but i am past the desperate line. So please check out my story.
          Sisters before misters
          Family drama
          Soft romance 
          Couple 1 tropes
          Arranged marriage 
          Marriage in crisis
          Reverse Grumpy x sunshine 
          She fell first but he fell harder
          Couple 2 tropes 
          Childhood friends to lovers 
          Friends with benefits 
          Sunshine couple
          He fell first and harder

          Hi Author, sorry to post without your permission. Everyone please check out my first story RUINOUS DEAL . I am a new writer and want support from you all. ❤️❤️
          This book contains dark romance, obsession, possessiveness, violence, use of adult language, erotic scenes, sexual content and more.
          》No cheating.
          》No another 'woman' drama.
          》Not a playboy male lead.
          》Not a weak or submissive female lead.
          Do vote, comment and share. 
          Thank you  


Hi everyone, 
          I want to read contract marriage 2 but I can't find it anywhere. If anyone has it can you pls share it with me?? Pls I really want to read this book! 


@badgalnimo hey did you find??? If yes please do tell


I am also searching that book. Please let me know if you find that book