HELLO!!! I'm Ashley!
Idk who I am or what I'm doing here at all!
But here's what I figured out so far;
-Female! She/her
-Sleepy, all the time. Idk why though
-Idk which PJO cabin I would be in, maybe just a mortal that can see through the mist. I have no survival instincts so I feel like that would be the best choice
-I love reading!
-I love the color Viridian and Vermillion!
- My favorite numbers are 3,4,7 and 8!
- I love math and absolutely despise science with every fiber of my being.
-I like the letter 'V' it just looks nice to me :3

I used to talk to a lot of people on here but due to me having terrible communication skills I ended up never talking to them ever again :,)
I would love to make friends but I'm too scared to talk to anyone because I overthink everything I say. This leads to me not commenting on anything even when I really want to.

I fully support the LGBTQ+ community
Also BLM, don't be racist.

I am a part of N.A.Ps and I'm apart of S.S.S

So if you don't agree that Solangelo is beautiful I will be deeply offended

Ships that I love;
-Bakudeku is currently one of my all time favorite, don't attack me!
-Solangelo is so beautiful, and if either Will or Nico dies I will scream
-More ships will be added later on
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I feel so nauseous and I have to go on a plane in a few hours. I’m not looking forward to this. I swear I’m going to get even more sick. 
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