"I always found it hard to be myself, because I let to many people mold me into a bottle of emotions. But, I won't let any other person touch my face to mold me into the girl they want. Because, teenage years can already be so cruel." -me.*

I guess you can say 15 is cool, but it makes me feel old because my mom added a candle.

I love writing poetry and writing rough drafts. But, I hate never actually finishing my rough drafts, but I told the world it's time.

I love movies and reading cliches. My literal dream is to be in a coffee shop, reading a book, and meeting a guy. Ahh, I could just day dream from thinking about it. 💫

Sometimes I feel like movies and music are my medicine to my sad nights, and I love it. 🎥

Don't let anyone take away your soul, personality, or opportunities. I know I won't let that person stop me from taking to the boy in my class, or posting on wattpad, or even making me feel like I need to be someone else, cause that's just bullshit now.

I'll be posting some poetry, some rough drafts of my novels, and I hope you like them.
"Sometimes sad nights, become mirrors to reflect upon yourself." -Aurii
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