Hello there my Kinky Beloveds. 

If you've discovered my profile then my best bet is we have similar taste in literature, if not though, well...we're about to. Name's Authenia Cork, I've been writing since 10, and now I'm 18, been on Wattpad for awhile but this is a new profile, let's just say I'm hiding from my past identity, don't tell the cops, even though... I wouldn't mind being cuffed by a few hot men;) but back on topic.

In my years of being here I've managed to fall deeply in love with anything Dark, Taboo and Romantic, but as I got pickier and pickier over the years, I find myself wanting to see a little sprinkle of other genres on top, so that brings me to writing my own little mixed genre of Dark, Taboo, Erotic Romance mixed with anything from fantasy to mystery thriller to horror etc.

Now, my wish is to someday(hopefully soon) become a bestselling author all while building a community of Kinky likeminded individuals like myself. I'd like to hone my writing skills to the point where I not only tell you a story but, allow you to have an immersive experience of what my everyday imaginary world is like.

If I'm able to do this for you then its considered a dream come true. As what greater gift is there to a writer other than to have the world of their imagination come alive to that of their readers. So if you're in love or obsessed with anything Dark, Taboo, Erotic and Romantic then strap up and lets go for a wild ride.
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