Hello all! My name is Serena, and I'm a freelance writer across multiple platforms. I write here and on Episode Interactive mostly. I teach writing courses and coding courses for episode through my Patreon. 

About Me:
I'm 22
I am a theater major
I study costuming and makeup
I enjoy several creative art forms
Writing is my favorite hobby
I have 2 snakes: Gummy Worm and Linguini
My favorite color is blue, and I can't live without pizza

If you would like to support me, my Ko-Fi is linked here, and my Patreon is linked under my website 😊

Contact information:
Instagram: @episode.serena
Email: episode.serenascott@gmail.com
Wattpad DMs: Open and frequently checked

Feel free to contact me any time to chat or ask any questions you may have!

I have no update schedule, and I update whenever I can. I am a full time college student with two jobs, so I please ask for you to bare with me.
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