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Romanticizing over morally grey fictional men all the time. dark romance lover. taylor swift fav singer <3
"Cat got your tongue, little mouse?"
"if i cant be better than them, i'll be so much worse"
"Now they fear the one person who can break the untouchable.
They belong to me now.
The flock has a new shepherd to fear. Baa, bitches"
"Lift ur hips for me,love"
"Can u fee it?" "Feel what?" " My love for u"
" I'm as much a bad-boy as you're an average girl. So I suppose that answers both our questions"
"A dragon without its rider is a tragedy. A rider without their dragon is dead."
"You cant make me fall for u nd then die"
"I give you my heart. From this night until the end of nights. From daybreak until our days are broken. Your soul is my soul."
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