Hi my sweets 🍬 (You need to get used to it)
How ya doing? This is all about me so... ya😅

You guys/girls can call me Story-time and when you address me it's a she 😊.
I'm a Ravenclaw but I am also super sweet and nice so I'm always here if ya need me👌.
My Greek parent is Lord Chaos and sometimes I can be a Hades child 😈
I am super cheery and I like to sing whenever but I am not so full of myself like Apollo is in the books
Sometimes I can hate everything/everyone in the world and I love Halloween
I am also straight (I don't hate LGBTQ people I respect you guys/girls)

Some of my fav things to read:

-One-piece (I'm currently watching it ~(^-^~)
-Angels of Death
-One punch man
-Banana Fish
-Jujutsu Kaisen

-PJO/ HOO (especially Nico Di Angelo)
- The Avengers
-Bucky (Stucky4life)
-Sherlock Holmes (I ship Johnlock cuz who doesn't)

My OTPs:


I don't ship:

-Tony and Steve
-Tony and Dr Strange
-Wanda and Natasha
-Loki and Thor (I prefer brotherly love)
-Peter and Tony (don't judge me some people actually ship this but that doesn't mean I hate you guys who do)
- Clint and Natasha (I like it when they are best friends)
-Natasha and Bruce



I pretty sure there's more. If you like these ships then it's nice to meet ya and it's cool to find someone that understands and likes different things than me🙂.
Read my books if you like Nico Di Angelo and if you don't then ... I don't know what to say next.
Just read it plz😃

Most of the time you will see me in the corner of the living room,hiding from everyone else,stuck in a book and either laughing my ass of or crying (like a lot)... for no reason.


Try it and see how much u know me!

Have a good day. Bye bye my sweets 🍬

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