Hello guys. As you see I've been busy with so many things going in my life that I've stopped working on my books and started reading rather writing. I know nothing is perfect and nothing is too bad but sometimes you are mostly at your lows that you don't know how to stand up again.
          	I'm in this predicament since so long that I've forgotten my passion and love of things. Yet here only thing giving me solace is my reading.
          	Can you help me with it?
          	I've been searching for a book I read. I don't remember the book's name nor of the author's name, but I can you give you some description and if anyone of you have read that book can you please tell me about it.
          	There is a guy and a girl. They are both teenagers or young adults. Guy being handsome and girl is not considered to be beautiful, yet the boy like her and they are in a relationship. Her cousin is jealous of her and a gold-digger. She tries and manages to sabotage their relationship with the help of his mother. 
          	Now few year ahead she's changed herself and became more beautiful. She's a CEO of her father's company. He is searching or waiting for her. She meets him after some years and he still loves her. He solves the misunderstanding they had and they are living happily but suddenly the girl is attacked by the brother of her cousin who sabotaged her relationship. 
          	Guys can you please help me search this story. I'll be greatful to you all. 



Just noticed you've given my story a chance. So I'm dropping by to let you know that I truly appreciate it and hope you'll find my work worth-it. Feedback and comments are more than welcome. Once again, thank you so much for making my day better <3 


@ScarlettBlackDaisy Hey dear, first of all I would like to tell you how awesome you are and commend you for your work. I would definitely read you book after completing the one I'm reading. And even though I've not yet read it, I would to tell you that you are an awesome writer. Even if there would be errors, mistakes, any problems withing your book, it'll be great and there is no mistake that that couldn't be corrected. 
            So keep up your work and all the best for your current and future books. 


Hi! Thank you so much for adding Crimson Mist to your lists ✨ I hope you enjoy reading!
          Have a lovely weekend ❤️


@Amplect you are very welcome dear. My next read would be your book most probably. It really looks good for a read.
            Thank you, and you have a lovely weekend too. 


          Thank you for adding 'Regent's Blood' to your reading list. I hope you'll enjoy reading it.
          Kind regards,


            Hey MJ, I really loved the plot of your story and would definitely read it, when you finish the sequel (coz can't read unfinished books  *sheepishly smiling*).
            But all the best for your books. 


          Just want to say thank you for checking out Pandora's Successor! Seeing it made me happy and I appreciate it. Hope you enjoy it too!


@BelindaRose123  seeing your book brought back some really good reading memories. I really love Greek mythology and anything with it. I'll definitely read your book. 
            But still, All the best for your book.