I am weird. Very weird. Um, i love BVB, MCR, Slipknot, Evanescence, awesome stuff like that... it is my mission to marry Ashley Purdy because he is utterly FABULOUS. Um, yeah, i write stories for a living... mainly Andley cause I'm awesome and its the most amazing ship EVER. Whelp, that's me! Purdy girl, out! 

<3 Give a cheer for all the broken. Listen here, because it's who we are <3
<3 Can you see, can you see me? I'm strong for what they made me <3
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Stories by Becky-Eimi Smith
Do Not F.E.A.R (Cake Fanfic) by BeckyEimiSmith
Do Not F.E.A.R (Cake Fanfic)
when Sandra quits BVB, the band almost give up hope of making it big time. but when Andy's little sister intr...
Going Viral (A Virals Story) by BeckyEimiSmith
Going Viral (A Virals Story)
~WARNING: Spoiler Alert (Exposure plot line) for later chapters.~ Just months before Tory Brennan moved to th...
Lead Me To Salvation (an Andley Fanfic) by BeckyEimiSmith
Lead Me To Salvation (an Andley Fa...
Andy's life isn't turning out so great, his sisters hate him, his parents are always arguing, and the way he...