Shared Passion for Sci-Fi? 
          Hello there,
          I came across your profile and noticed our mutual admiration for the sci-fi genre. I’m working on “Homeward Nebula” – envision superhumans, once lost in space, returning to an Earth that sees them as aliens.
          Would you be open to giving the first chapter a quick read and sharing your initial thoughts? If it resonates, perhaps there’s a chance for collaboration in the future?
          Thanks for considering, and best wishes with your writing journey!




Author! I must say your content so interesting and unique, I genuinely loved it, hope you post more content and just to inform I am a new writer and have a short stories book, which I wrote myself and I am working on a science fiction solo project, actually its my first project, so I just wanted you to read my book and tell me if its good or not and if any improvements are needed or not! All of you on this community page are free to read and comment on my book and feel free to share with other people as well! Audience is the best critic after all!
          The link to my solo project is:
          The link to my short stories book is:


I cant believe how you managed to destroy the entire human race so flawlessly, you deserve applause for this, could you check out my book The Earth's Cycle: The Inhabitable Era, It would mean a lot to me