«Bish, I'm golden.»

Hi. My name is Beverly.

{Things you should know about me}

-I'm the type who creates more than 2 accounts on every social network I'm on - Including wattpad (7 accounts on Facebook. You might ask why I'm telling you this. Honestly, I don't know why.)

-I'm Nigerian- South-South part of Nigeria, to be exact.

-16 years old

-I am human

-I hate food

- 😂😂😂😂😂😂 That last one was a huge lie.

-I'm your typical Kpop and Kdrama (=D) fan - I have an account for those, alright. >_o

-I love to write, sing, read, draw, and dance. I'm not so good at the last two.

-I'd stay at home... Forever. If given the chance.

-I'm the type who keeps piling up work for myself but then I get too lazy to continue doing it. (Those who know me can vouch for that)

-Recommend stories and I will read them. Depends on how busy I am, though.

-I learn languages a lot and I love to learn them (hello, 안녕, bonjour, hola, やあ, 你好)


-I can be selfish without realizing it

-Phlegmatic Sanguine

-I watch TV : Always [ ] Never [ ] Sometimes [✅]

-I use my phone : Always [✅] Never [ ] Sometimes [ ]

-That background picture reflects my weird personality on the outside (Spongebob!!!!!)

-I'm way more sensible than I get credit for 😪

-IG- https://instagram.com/beevhar_lee
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