Sorry for the impromptu break, I'm back to update HJSB tomorrow. New Years was all over the place for us, so many relatives and so little space. Anyway just in case people haven't seen on Twitter I have posted a He's Just a Skater Boy New Years Special! These 3 parts of which are available to the public.
          	Happy New Years everyone !  ♡⸜(´▿`˵ )⸝♡
          	Part 1: .....
          	(I believe Wattpad auto takedowns posts with more than one link so I can only attach one link, but at the bottom of each part there is a link to the next one.)


@ Deabak_Levi  Patreon  is also banned in my country  I tried using vpn and I was able to log in but I can’t pay for membership 


Hiii~ just wondering if there’s a way for people who live in countries where patron is banned can view? No pressure tho loll!! Keep up the good work~


@BigNeptune I loved the specials so much the part five wasn't available but that's ok the other ones were so sweet but spicy at the same time I love your stories ❤️‍


Hello BigNeptune how are you I am very sorry that I said the wrong thing to you I wanted to make sure that I can still read Your Book Called He’s Just A Skater Boy 


hey! i don’t think you said anything wrong. the author has been ill and hasn’t been feeling up to replying to messages just yet. don’t worry :)


Hi! I don’t know if you know yet but Wattpad updated their age of consent without telling anyone so any story with sexual content involving characters under the age of 18 are going to be deleted with notice! I don’t know if any of ur stories contains this but I just wanted to warn u and let you know just in case


@cookies gamut  @BigNeptune please see this but I think Author might already know this...