Also what is up with the comment sections, some of them go over a thousand in one section?!


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@BlueCipher0 please revive Asher and let torm be aware of him plis


@ BlueCipher0  o.o really 


hey guys
          I'm not entirely sure if blue writer might make a discord but in the mean time i did make a server just for them (Blue writer's fan club!!!)
          That way we could all say howdy howdy to each other and possibly talk about the boooks


@BlueCipher0 i need you to know that that BillDip fanfic you had made was the result my lover and I had met- so like im here to thank you for writing that. It was on a comment section in one if the chapters you wrote.  thanks for reading this.-


ok I'm about this close to crying
          I just finished the 2nd book (The Dear daughter book)
          Who knew that a simple ship such a tomtord have such amazing authors
          Like literally this book and the book before it had me on the verge of crying
          The details on the angst is just... perfectly described, I could literally imagine it, although it is a fanfic
          But like this AU opened my eyes so much
          Had me relate to some stuff in my past even
          And how could I begin to explain the plot and fanart..?
          First of all the plot, is just out of this world, I literally cannot explain how I feel about it /srs
          There were times where I laughed so hard, and times were I could've broke down in the shower
          And the fanart is just so sweet and wholesome
          The amount of gayness/gay ships that were in the fanart is just hilarious
          The ship fandom is something that I look up to
          And like last thing.
          THE AMOUNT OF WEEKS, DAYS, HOURS that I spent all just for reading the books, it caught me in surprise really.
          BlueCipher0's books are insanely awesome and amazing, would rate infinite out of 10


I doubt anyone’s gonna see this but does anyone have the author’s Instagram or email? For like, fanart and stuff


@TxMxHxJ look at the other reply


Check the His Favorite//Dear Daughter series at the end of a chapter, They used to have their email  there! 


Можно ли зделать перевод твоего фанфика "~His Favorite~" ? Ответь на этой неделе...


I love your stories keep up the great work 


Bruh i just realised you write all of my favourite billdip book- TT
          And that earns a follow!
          ...don't read my books..
          Ok bye bye! ^^


Can I just say that I’m surprised the I have 9k followers when I only sometimes come back to post something when I have the time