Hi my kiddo’s, grand children and fetuses.
          	Do you guys still remember me? (Whoops…)
          	Well I’m here to give my explanation for my absence.
          	Be ready it’s gonna be long.
          	A while ago I had really important exams for school and because I don’t like to study, I wrote instead. That’s how the whole book came together. Well luckily I finished of my exams and also study, which means I don’t have school (lol, I know you guys are jealous). I do work tho because your grandma needs money, lol. 
          	But there is also another major reason for my absence. In the last 1,5 year BTS isn’t like they used to be, the music they come out with isn’t my favorite (besides it still being great music! Don’t get me wrong). But I was a really big fan of their Korean (style) music and now they are becoming like all the other American artists, if you get what I mean. This past year they have produced more English(-style) songs then Korea(-style) songs, which is unfortunate. I liked them because they were different and for the different kind of songs they had while they were still damn good gems. 
          	That’s how my passion for the book(s) slowly faded away. They are still my favorite idols <3 but not my favorite artists and that’s why I don’t stan them as much as I used to do. 
          	With both of the reasons (the motivation I got while I had to study but wrote instead and my passion towards BTS) I just didn’t feel the need to write.
          	Maybe you’ve noticed that I deleted the “1- living with BTS” book from my account. The reason is that I don’t want to leave a book on my account which I know I won’t finish off anymore. 
          	I’m sure you guys can understand <3 and I’m going to look for a solution to maybe re-upload the book and maybe make a second part of the mafia series :)


@BookTS7 dear Thor, I love this new part of your life and I hated the Americanish version of the music. Love u <3


          	  u have grown old ig... that's y we r ur grandchildren


@NISHA_THE_ALIEN yeah..Its like the old time. it feels good.