Welcome to Cinderdell, where everything goes berserk! (Yes, that includes you too ♥️)

Facts about me-
~ around 18-22 years old
~ aspiring author
~ loves to chat (more details later😝)
~ I'll call ya'll 'Lovelies' (cause why not?😘)
~ Fantasy, mystery, suspense is my thing
~ Always up for R4R (You can choose the type of comment- inline or outline cause I'm fine with both😊)
~ I'll follow you back if I like your profile 🤩 (Don't worry, I like 90% of them)

My loves-♥️♥️
~ Brooklyn nine nine 👮‍♂️
~ Friends 🥰
~ Impractical Jokers 🥴
~ Mom 😆
~ ONE PIECE ☠️☠️
~ Avengers 🦹🦸‍♂️
~ Naruto 🍜
~ KYB 🖤

:) I've way too many celeb loves BUT always a winner!
Taylor Swift 🎤🎤 (Come on guys! She's a queen! 🥰)

~ Potterhead🦌🦌 [Ravenclaw]

If you can understand any of these, you're my lovelies and I'll love you😂
Meshi Meshi/ Yohohohoho/ 3 ⚔️ style [Hint: The hero never never plans ♥️]
They don't know that we know they know we know [Hint: Pivot♥️]
Cool cocococo cool/ No doubt no doubt no doubt/ A noine noine [Hint: Their captain is sassy♥️]
You're in my spot [Hint: I'm in love with the heroine ♥️]
I've been the archer, I've been the prey [Hint: She's my queen. You know who she is ☝️]

Okay, now since you've reached this part, I'm gonna assume you're one of my Lovelies 😘😘
🐶I tolerate a wide range of people {And it's not even a lie 🤠}
🐶If I like you, I'll spam your book with lovely comments, vote etc etc do everything to
help you
🐶 Yes, dogs are bae!

Stay safe, lovelies❤️❤️

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