we all know Henry is dead.
          	but what of the others?
          	(i'm trying to get back into writing, for those who have been so patient and are still around, sincerely, thank you <3 this is a journey i'm taking as I made a promise to myself to finish some of these books, and i simply cannot move on without doing so. I love these books and hate to leave them in the state they're in forever. Hopefully see you soon~)


Take your time!! I fully understand having a mental block or just not being interested. We’re grateful for everything you’ve given us so far and that which you will grace us with in the future. Hope you’re doing well!


Man I haven't been here in a while, I get it if you won't be writing anymore but let me just say I could never find another author like you even if I tried. I know you might not read this, but Ima let it out. After reading Translate about a year ago I couldn't get enough of your work. So I read everything that you had published(。・ω・。)ノ♡ 
          It feels nostalgic really, even though I haven't been here with you ever since you first published your one-shot, it feels like I was apart somehow. I wasn't just reading because it was about BTS (don't get me wrong I love them as much as the next person) but I was also reading it because of you. Because I loved what you did and how you did. I loved how you actually connected with your readers, with the new and the old. When I commented on one of the books I was shocked that you had replied to me! It was like talking to my idol lol. I feel like crying just thinking about it ;-;
          I wish for nothing but the best for you, and everyone here who also adores your work just as much as I do. Thank you for being a part of my Wattpad journey and making it more lovable and exciting. I will always be here <3
          Love- Nguyen Jiwu


@BurkahRae12 Unfinished stories have their own beauty. We will always support you, love you so so very much 


I feel the exact same way! <3 


hey dear author, hope you are doing well and great. I would like to ask you something. I recently completed reading EVER AFTER and you mentioned about it's sequel UNTIL FOREVER. But I can't find it. Did you jot posted it yet or something else?
          By the love your work alot and stranded have been my favourite after ever after. Hope to have a reply 


@_kaku_1430 it's not out yet lololl