The amount of people telling me that this is skj's secret acc almost convinced me that I'm seokjin lmao 

Also Slay point's Gautami (riyal🎀)

I do write, I just don't post it hehe

As you can see in some of my comments, I'm petty asf

Wattpad is my fr home, active 24/7 (online/ ofline)

might find me in any kth fiction and in few ot7, say hi:3 If I'm everywhere, you're everywhere too^-^

Specs baby here, at your service(⁠⌐⁠■ᴗ■⁠)

Always on my knees for Kim Taehyung 🧎‍♀️

Lastly, kindly ANY shippers. Stay away from my account until and unless i approach you🙏☺️
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Calmyourtitts Calmyourtitts May 19, 2024 04:28PM
Tho I doubt anyone followed me bc of that book, but because of my funny comments *sassily flips dry hair*
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