Does anyone else spend way to much time planning what all of their ocs would wear to the Yule ball? I’ve had an entire private board private board of dresses on Pinterest for years and I still add more all the time. I’m going to be such a mess if I ever get to that point with Anna 


@CandyRain98 Honestly I only have one female OC- the other two are boys and I'm having a harder time trying to find out what THEY should wear to the Yule Ball!


@CandyRain98 yup I do thAt aswellLLl


@CandyRain98 you're not the only one, I assure you, I just began writing this fanfiction like, a month ago, and already have loads of dresses in option


Hello ! I just read your "The Other Aunt" story on your previous account and I absolutly loved it ! I am a frenchie, and when I was younger, I couldn't read in english because my level was so bad. Could I possibly translate this story in french for french Potterheads to read it too? I follow a formation called "classe préparatoire littéraire" in France-which is like a bachelor in literature- where I learn who to translate correcly, without losing the style of the writter, so maybe I could use my knowledge to help you reach other Potterheads!  (my work would be voluntary, as I want to provide good stories to younger french potterheads ! And of course I wouldn't post it under my name but I could send you the translations so you could post it under your account to keep the full credit). 


Hi! :3
          I'm a Hungarian fanfiction writer (or rather will be) and I thought about I should translate them too.
          I'm starting with the easier version: to translate English books to my native language.
          I started your book like a week ago, and I love it, so I thought that it could be the first to get to Hungarian.
          I'm asking for your opinion and permission. Without it, I won't translate.
          Please answer fast,
          Emmelie Kate Ellel 


Hi •_• 
          Love your Stories!
          Is it possible for you to continue  the other uncle?
          It was left off on Hermione’s Promise 
          Just in case here’s a overview of the chapter :
          Hermione found out about Lupins secret after Snape taught the class about werewolves after a fall out with Anna then Hermione, Anna, and Lupin talk about it during tea


Hii I know you must be busy because of your studies but I really want you to continue the other aunt. I really really appreciate it I love your writing and story you are a great writer I would say. I know you must be stress and have lot of work in your life studies and everything I don't know about you that much but I love your writing skill and your storyline. Can you please continue it's and humble request from me and please reply to my msg 
          I love your work author lot's of love from me ❤️