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Yes, I'm straightforward. Not rude, but polite :')

If you're on my page to spread ish or judge me for who I am, kindly goest & fucketh thyself.

Do not promote on my MB • Don't bother asking for follow backs • And for the love of Olympus, do not plagiarize my works

• A big lover of Greek, Roman, Norse & Egyptian mythology, and yes, I am a demi-god. Don't burst my bubble.

• Too fond of that little world inside of my head, & hence finds comfort in writing not-so-going-to-be-true scenarios • Mostly a one-shot writer ('cause yes, staying committed to a book scares tf outta me) • Not really fond of writing fan fictions 'cause idk man that makes me feel uncomfy. But I did write a couple of them-


Founder of @BlackSwansCommunity

• Sit on my face, and I'll eat my way to your heart •

Try hurting my peeps and i can guarantee you your headless body with missing geneticals. (ᵔᴥᵔ)

None of your fooking business 🖤

Rest In Peace Kev ❤️
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Chaotic_Lals Chaotic_Lals Feb 27, 2023 12:18PM
Are any of y'all into religious studies &/or arts (historical pieces, modern arts—anything really). I've been wanting to make a group with people having the same interests for the longest time.
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