Hi guys! 
          	I have noticed as I have been reading through my stories, that a lot of my characters and things I have written are greatly problematic. i wrote a lot of these when I was around 15-16 and very ignorant, which is no excuse. I apologize for the way I have forced narratives (e.g feminists only seeking female superiority when they literally ARENT) or saying things that fat shame etc. I do not condone these things in ANY way!!! I am deeply sorry if I have hurt you through these sentiments!
          	Right now I am trying to write stories that have good characters and a good plot, while not being ignorant. I am very open to feedback on what I have said (both now and in stories), but this is in no way a call for you to teach me. I can teach myself and will not make you do labour I should have been doing when I was 15!! 
          	However, a lot of my characters are not meant to be P.C in general.  People are problematic and I wanted that reflected in my stories. But I know I can go about these characters in a way that reduces harm to my readers.  I will be going through and editing my stories to make them better (less problematic and harmful)!!
          	Thank you for reading and for your continued support! 
          	Feel free to reply to this with any thoughts!!!


@Duckies truee


We Stan a King/Queen/Them who recognizes mistakes and actively tries to fix them. Thank you!! 


Are you going to update on trophy daughter I really enjoy the book and find myself coming back to read it all over again just because it is really good:)


Is there going to  be a second book of Snow


Hey are you going to keep writing the angel prospect ? I really loved the first book and love pretty boy. I just realized it hasn’t been updated since 2019 but I really want to read the rest of the story!!! 


Could you please update Spitfires fury when you have the time?


Hope u update trophy daughter 


Well damn me abt to put in another request but there are many others.. i can wait 


Are you going to continue the angel prospect 


Helloooo. Can I ask what happened with "Twice"? I was just about to go and re-read it, just to notice it doesn't allow me to read it. 


just reread your work and it gave me overwhelming nostalgia - hope you’re going great wherever you are, stay safe mate x