omg you guys seriously gave 'that' fic 1m reads despite all the errors i was too lazy to fix (≧ω≦) but thank you so much for supporting that. i truly appreciate it!!! 
          	plus, is this yalls way of asking me for a part 2 (。・_・。)


@Chiminikki tho I read this book like 10 times I never thought of deleting this from my library cuz this story deserves it and oh my god so do you. You deserve more. I'm so proud of you author-nim. Pls keep continuing your ffs. *sobs * cuz I'm emotional. Fighting!!!!!!


@Chiminikki genuinely will never regret finding u


n e way, waiting for part 2 :))


Spoilers if you haven't read the book "It just happened"
          bro what chapter was it that was talking about yeonjun being in a relationship with hyunjin for four years vs how he feels after a couple months
          That what he felt in those months with soobin wasn't how he felt in the relationship with hyunjin 
          And that he didn't wanna take any spot light away from hyunjin or something 
          Basically what was held in his relationship with soobin he never had with hyunjin
          It happened near the beginning I think
          I'm sorry I'm trying to give enough explanation on what I'm lookg for 



Autor... i dont know if you had the 3rd book that continues the other two books Yeonbin's story... and i cried so much, its 1 am and i am crying hehe
          atill, thanks for making the story. i kinda love-hate you but anyway. i'll read the other book cuase its seems to be interesting


@little_yeonbin same im waiting for it. idk if theyre alive lmao bc they havnt updated anything since 2021


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