The new chapter of Aethernea is up with some interesting news regarding what I've been up to and the new romance novel I've been working on.
          	Check it out:


@CloeDFrost Cloe are you alright ?? U hadn't posted for a while ...


OH MY GOD MISS CLOE HOW HAVE YOU BEEN? We've missed you so!!! We were so worried too!!!


(1/2)For all the people who’re asking “When will she update?” and “Is she alive still?” Here’s some information for you. 
          Her last Patreon post was May 23, 2018. Over 3 years ago. It went over releasing a new chapter and that’s it. It didn’t cover anything important. 
          Her last Discord post was October 1, 2019. Nearly 2 years ago. In that post she went over a few things. 
          First, she announced that she was back to Discord and writing. 
          Secondly, she said the we shouldn’t start re-reading Aethernea yet. She said that she was editing past chapters of the book, “…the version of the story I have in my head isn’t the same as what I’ve previously written so I find it hard to juggle between them.”
          Third, she then stated that she doesn’t know when she’ll be back to writing new chapters for Aethernea. She wanted to set up some kind of progress counter so we could see her current status and how close she was to continuing Aethernea, though it seems that this didn’t pan out. 


@TheeMrFOX thanks for the info


It's been 3 years, hope she's doing fine


@TheeMrFOX okay thanks for this info


Please, when r u coming back. T^T
          I recently found this book, albeit uncompleted, I really enjoyed reading it. If I enjoy a book I can read very fast since all my attention is put onto it. I finished every chapter so far in less than 2 days. I really want you to finish your book. My bane of existence of me, a person who enjoys reading a lot, is an uncompleted story. You book has been my favorite read even though it has not been finished. I hope that you will come back soon. It has been almost 3 years, in 1 months and 3 days will it have been 3 years, since you have updated. I really want you to continue this story and I think you should continue the story for everyone that has had the pleasure on this uncompleted masterpiece. Please, don't leave us hanging for the rest of our Wattpad lives.