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Ara~, thanks for finding me readers♡. My name oc name is: Bonnie 'Kokoa' Vanilla, as my real name is Katherine (or Kat/Katie for short). I'm 21 years old and a female irl. I love to write stories for fun. 🚫REMEMBER🚫: All images and videos aren't mine as they belong to the rightful owner!
Also, I don't even do roleplay, so don't ask.

🚫Haters/Negative Comments = Mute/Blocked🚫

Stories That I Enjoy Doing: Mostly Author Inserts, Harems, Crossover, FNAF/FNIA, Splatoon, Isekai/Reincarnation, Undertale, Sonic, Super Mario

Princess Rosalina(Mario)
Pyra and Mythra (Xenoblade 2)
Koneko Toujou(DXD)
Tomoko Kuroki
Esdeath(Akame Ga Kill)
Ryūko Matoi(Kill La Kill)
Satsuki Kiryūin(Kill La Kill)
Nonon Jakuzure(Kill La Kill)
Himiko Toga(MHA)
Tsuyu Asui(MHA)
Mina Ashido (MHA)

Gettin' freaky on a friday night, yeah! I hope you'll enjoy my stories that I'll make on this second account. If I get 5 votes for a chapter/each chapter, including bios, I'll updated it. I wont force you, thats not my life. I want you to enjoy my books with positive feedback, etc. My grammer may suck a bit, but I do try my very best. These stories do take lots of time, but it is worth it. Peace Out Everybody. That's how you do it!~♡
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The Prologue of "The Beast Unleashed!" is finally out! Please go check it out.https://www.wattpad.com/story/350409989
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