I just want everyone to know that I’m alive. on the verge of my 23843th mental breakdown, burnt out, absolutely swamped with exams (still on break too, unfortunately)- but alive. 
          	I’m still aiming to have a chapter out for each of my ongoing books by mid-july, as I stated I’d be back by july in my previous announcement. It’s been nearly three months and all I’ve managed to write is half a chapter for each (bc THAT’S how busy things have been :’) )
          	a lot of people don’t seem to read the a/ns or announcements about me being on break from some of the notifications I’ve seen and in all honesty I’m too tired to be annoyed about it lmao T_T most people have been absolutely lovely and kind about it though, and I’m super grateful for it !! 
          	I promise I’m not ignoring anyone, I just have far too much going on right now to be logging into my wattpad/instagram/other socials (although I occasionally check discord bc of some servers)- and since it’s been a long while since I’ve logged in, there are a LOT of notifications for me to go through in a single sitting (comments, messages, story updates, EVERYTHING)
          	that being said, please be patient w me !! this schedule of mine extends till the end of august, and immediately after that’s done, I have to move bc I start university this fall (your girl turned 18 a few days back and man, do I feel old ;-; ). 
          	I am not ditching the books !! even if it takes me longer than expected I will return to them and I promise to try my best to deliver updates asap as a thank you for your patience and support !!
          	cass (still offline!!)
          	[ TL;DR- I’m nearly dead, but hopefully I’ll update mid-july as promised- still on break rn tho !! ]


@CoffeeGirl_10 Hope ur feeling better. Please update as soon as possible once you get better.♥️♥️♥️


Take your time<3. 
          	  Hope you get through this whole thing good❤️


@CoffeeGirl_10 Whatever happens, remember you have a little corner in this world that is filled with people who love you. If you want to vent, all of us would be more than happy to listen. It's good that you have priorities and know how to sort them. Keep breathing;) and ilysm cassie <3 
          	  p.s - good luck for those exams and assignments