My phone gave up on me and took a break so I couldn't access Wattpad for awhile but luckily, that's where I remembered I had a laptop!
          	When I logged in, I literally screamed when I found out that my follower account has reached a thousand! Holy Goodness! Thank you so much to everyone of you! I'm so happy right now! I know it's only 1k followers and other authors might have a lot more than I do but this personally warms my heart.
          	To think that 1000 people had decided that I, a lazy potato, is worth of a follow. Really, everyone...Thank you very much! I hope you continue on supporting me!
          	You might've noticed the lack of emoticons in this message but that's because I'm using my Laptop and I don't know how to put on emoticons in here! But that said, my appreciation and happiness in this message is true. Again, thank you very much, everyone. You all made me a happy potato.


@Cute_And_Sweet_Candy Candy-San Is The Account Still Alive? Are You Still Alive? The Last Time You Wrote A Message Was On 2018 Which Is This Post Or Whatever You Want To Call It But I'm Just Concerned I Mean You've Stopped Some Of Your Stories You Havent Even Published New Ones Or Even Interacted With Anybody. Im Just Worried Like Are You Okay? Your Followers Has Reached 1.5k And You Didnt Even Celebrate It Or Anything, Its Weird


Hello Candy! Me and others that read your books, are really concerned for you because you have stopped interacting here. It's been 2- no 3 years since you have done anything in this app. And it kinda scares me, I just hope you're okay! I know this may sound a little weird but I'm extremely concerned cuz it's been THREE i don't know if maybe you got a new phone or something and forgot your account on here but.....I just hope you're okay it REALLY concerns me and others !! So yea, i hope you're doing okay! : )