My works may not meet your expectations.  Some of my works have grammatical errors in it as it was a long time ago.  So i already told you . 

I did my best and gave my best in writing till this day and if it still goes to trash i don't care .

About my journey here :

When i first started to write i had nothing but the will to write top jimin stories as there were barely some and yup i was madly into it. I used to finish and update a whole story in two days and later one week etc ....but as time kept changing , i got to know that my works aren't the best they had flaws a lot. I was frustrated and worn out and then I started to realise it and change the flaws and do my best . But i think that got me more mentally worn-out. The thing i started for fun turned into a thing that makes me sad. I love writing story but not al the time as it was used to be. It is a roller coaster holding fun, appreciation, empty, flaw, heal, wound , pain, heal and some more.

To be honest I don't have the strength in me to be here with everyone. I am thinking of moving to other platform where people are you know supportive and kind. I will not update anymore or anytime soon.
For me people and myself is the demon.

These might have sounded rude but i am not in a state of mind to sugar coat anything or being polite.

Sayonara - From someone who would love to die right now
  • wanna drown myself to be true..
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