"You already said that." Angry tears fell down your face. You could feel the frustration bubbling up in your chest as you stood in front of Aizawa. He looked exhausted. His dark hair looked unbrushed and his eye circles were nearly bruises. But despite how tired he was, he was still here for you. 
"I don't know what else to say, kiddo." He ran a hand through his hair and sat down, leaving space for you to sit if you chose to. You continued to pace in front of him, trying not to shout at him. He'd done nothing wrong of course, but you were upset. "Say something useful!" Flinching, Aizawa took a deep breath. Hearing you so upset at him hurt his old heart. He'd said everything he could to possibly help and yet you were still hurting.
"Sweetheart," he said softly now, moving to the edge of the seat and taking your wrist gently to pull you into a hug. You were angry, but you needed the comfort and held onto him as you cried. "I know you need to hear something different, but I don't always have everything you need. I'll tell you what I know and I'll do my very best, but sometimes you need to figure out the answer for yourself."
Aizawa hated leaving you to find out answers alone, but it was always going to be the best way to help you learn and grow. He'd always be there to support you and lead you down the right path, but in the end, it was your choice and your life to live. "I love you to the moon and back, kid. I have since you joined this family. And that will never change. Whatever happens, I'll be here."
He left a soft kiss on your head, holding you close for a few more minutes before he leaned back and wiped your tears. By now, you were calmer and thinking about what you needed to do next. "But dad," you whispered, "What if I fail?" The dark-haired dad smiled softly and pat your knee before he stood. "Then you fail. But you try again. The only real failure is when you stop trying."
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