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Hello, you beautiful and handsome people of Wattpad! Royal Darkness here! I'm just your basic young woman who's in her mid-20s and your friendly, neighborhood reader and writer of Wattpad. I don't make rules here in my page, so feel free to browse and read any story ya like! Remember, to wash your hands, cover your face with a mask and keep social distance to avoid of getting covid or sick.

Notes about my stories!
I want to make it clear to almost everyone who will read my stories that for every story that I write myself are the intention of making me satisfied and happy on how I create my books! Most of my stories will have rated r content so I will add a warning at either the beginning, middle or end of each and every one of my story.

Yes, I understand that each and every one of my stories are somewhat similar to each other and that my OC's will be the same with different personalities, upbringings and physical appearances and they will have the same roles as being the main protagonist in every story I create myself.

If you're not happy with the way on how I create and publish my stories then I advise to click off and read something that will make you feel less not being offended on the stories I create and publish.

Anyways, that's enough of explaining on how I create and publish my stories. Now, onwards with reading my interests, hobbies and facts!

Hobbies: relaxing, hanging out, having fun, watching television, gaming, listening to music, writing, reading and food.

Born on April 16th, 1998, have coronary artery heart disease, been disabled since I was 6 months old, used to have asthma attacks but it stopped after being treated properly, lost my mother due to peripheral artery disease and my father and I live with my uncle in Hebbronville, TX for a brief time
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