Hey guys
          	Thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers and sending in good wishes. I'm fine now and completely recovered (although weakness would probably take some time to get rid of)
          	Just wanted to inform you guys that from next week onwards "Trapped" will resume with bi-weekly updates - I will be updating two chapters every week. Sorry to keep you all waiting for almost a month but I'll definitely update the next chapter by Monday Evening.
          	Thanks again for all the love and support. God bless. 


@DezmaFernandez I am so happy to know u are okay now ..u take good care of urself


@DezmaFernandez extremely glad to know that you're okay now!! Take care dear!


@DezmaFernandez Glad that you are okay now! Still take care of yourselves!❤️


Hey author!
          I loved your work becoming sweethearts and enjoyed reading your version of Omkara and gauri to the core. The slow understanding they develop as a couple, the practical viewpoints to situations, the way they connect and start seeing each other in a romantic light after their just friends tag is gone was mesmerizing. It felt so real as if the story would come to life at any moment. The pain, the feeling of loss and the happily ever after was so beautiful that I read it in one go. Thank you so much for being so amazing. I am here as a reader to appreciate you and suggest you a good read. Do try 'Our version of love' by msbhatia7755. I hope you like it too.