I'll be honest, I made this account four years ago to practice writing and post fan fictions I didn't want on my main account but really it's more than that. 

I'm 21, female, and a raging bisexual. I mostly write gay ships but I do write straight ones occasionally.

Please do not request me to write something, I take small suggestions but I won't write a whole ass fanfic for people, that's too much work and I already don't get a lot of time to write as it is.

I will read books that are suggested to me though so if you want me to read something don't hesitate to ask. Just know that I will give feedback/constructive criticism, so if you can handle the that from me, probably don't ask then.

Updates are a bit slow as I am an adult with a full time job and I stream, so I don't have as much time as I used to, I'm sorry I can't update quicker, I try to write when I can.

I'm sorry I keep starting new books before I finish my old ones...that's a bit of a bad habit of mine since I have troubles with finishing a book I enjoy writing.

Also, for those of you who would like A Secret Life back, I'm sorry to say Wattpad doesn't seem to keen on letting that happen. Not sure why it was taken down in the first place but they won't restore it and I don't have a backup. I'm sorry. Maybe someday I'll try to rewrite it but for now I don't have the will or time to do so. I really cared about that book and it's sad to see it gone, I am sorry it's gone and hoping that maybe in the future I can rewrite it even better than before.
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So I've been absent a lot lately. And here's why...So it's no secret that my posting "schedule" is absolute garbage. It lacks any sort of consistent timing and calling it a "schedule" is probably a...
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