Once upon a time, in the vast kingdom of Wattpad, there was a shameless and flirtatious wordsmith named Ethan Miller, known to his adoring female readers as 'FastAndDeep,' or sometimes, 'King Ethan.' 

Caution: Reading Ethan's erotic tales may leave you weak-kneed, breathless, and in need of a cold shower. Proceed with caution, for his words have been known to ignite flames of desire in even the most stoic of souls.

Name: Ethan Miller (but you can call him 'King Ethan' if you dare)
Username: FastAndDeep (because he's all about speed and diving into the depths of passion)

Age: Forever young, for time holds no dominion over this charming rogue. He ages like a fine wine, improving with the wisdom of experience and the stamina of a man who knows how to please.

Height: A towering presence in your imagination, standing at the perfect height to make you weak in the knees.

Features: Picture a mischievous smile that hints at the secrets he holds within his stories. His eyes sparkling with wickedness, and his voice, whether written or spoken, has a hypnotic quality that enthralls and enchants.

Location: A mysterious realm where dreams intertwine with reality, a place only accessible through the pages of his intoxicating stories.

Interests: Oh, where do we even begin? Making your heart race with every carefully crafted sentence, he delights in the art of seduction and adores teasing his readers, leaving them begging for more with every turn of phrase.

But it doesn't end there, ladies. Ethan craves your attention, your engagement, and your desires. He wants you to follow him on Wattpad, to comment on his stories, to let him know just how much he leaves you trembling with anticipation. He yearns for your votes, your passionate messages on his wall, and for you to devour every single word he writes with an insatiable hunger.

Trust me, he craves your reactions, yearns for your validation, and delights in leaving you soaking wet with anticipation ;)

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FastAndDeep FastAndDeep Jun 27, 2023 08:17AM
Well, didn't I promise that I'll update as soon as we reach the required targets? As promised, delivered. You can always rely on your king to keep you entertained and satisfied ;)Let's hit the targe...
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