The name is Nox. I don't care where you're from, who you are, what you believe, or even who you choose to be. Treat me with respect and I'll do the same to you. Need a favor, I'm your dude. Need a friend, sign me up. Need someone to rant at or talk you off a ledge, please dm me. All I'm saying is I believe everyone deserves the chance to live the life they wanna live, if you can't do it somewhere else than so it here with me. 

I'm weird and I've been alienated, but I don't really care. I believe if people would ban together and be who they wanna be and people accepted that, the world would be a much better place.

To my haters... love y'all!!! Have an awesome day, and when you get tired of hatin' just say Hey and become a friend.

A little about me.
The name I like to go by is Nox, but you can literally call me whatever.
Pronouns are they/them, but I respond to he or she too.
Gender Fluid, sometimes this, sometimes that, and often a little of both.
Definitely Bi... although not focusing on love at the moment
College Student at UAH (Go Chargers!)
Meteorology Major aka Storm Chaser.
  • Everywhere and Nowhere (currently ruling hell)
  • JoinedJuly 8, 2018

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