This is for all of you!
          Read it all!
          I mean it!
          Read it all!
          If you were killed, I wouldn't be at you're funeral
          I'd be in jail for killing the person who killed you.
          We are true friends.
          We ride together, we die together.
          Send this to everybody you you care about, including me, if you care.
          See how many times you get this.
          I wnat you to know that you are an amazing person, till death and forever. 
          If I don't get this back, I understand. 
          But I have a game for you.
          Once you read this letter, you must send it to 15 people, including me
          If you get at least 3 back, you are loved.
          Nobody knows how important something is until they lose it.
          Tonight at 12 pm the person you love will realize they love you. 
          Then, at 1 to 2 pm, be ready for the shock of you're life!
          If you break this chain, you will have bad luck.
          With love, send this to 15 people, if you don't, then you will be ugly in one year.
           A friend told me to do this, so pass it on.
          Tomorrow two people will ask, 'Can I have you're number?'
          Send this to 15 people or bad luck will start in a whole year.
          This is not fake.
          Apparently, if you copy and paste this, you will have the best day if your life tomorrow. Good luck!