This account is still somewhat active! I don't check it everyday, or even every week, but I do log on regularly to see what's happening (or rather, the LACK of happening lol). I actually don't enjoy roleplaying here at all anymore, since the site only keeps so many messages and I like to hoard my rp's so I can always go back and reread the fun. I prefer discord now, and will include my user at the end of this whole spiel so any interested party can harass me for rp's.

That said, I'm pretty picky these days. I made this account when I was like 15, so my standards for roleplay and my writing in general has changed a lot. Gone are the days where a sparse word count was interesting or acceptable.

A roleplay with me will typically be:

- Multi-para/novella in length. Give me all of the descriptions

-Plotted out before we start. Not every single detail, but I'd like to have at least a direction or the skeleton of a plan.

-Original. Don't really have any interest in fandom based rp.

-18+ only. Not all of my roleplays include adult content but I'm not comfortable writing with you if you're underage.

-Slow in response time lol. We adults™ now. I try not to make it terrible, but if something comes up I always try to let my partners know.

-Collaborative. I! Like! To! Talk! Especially if I get really excited about an rp.

As for genres I do, I like everything supernatural/fantasy, modern, slice of life (A! Craving!), and historical. Tbh I roleplay with the same like 2-3 people I have for the past few years so I'm pretty open to trying new genres. Can't say I've ever been the biggest sci-fi person, but hey, if the plot is good it's good.

My discord user is _ti.nana_#9884

If the interest has been peaked let's throw words at each other.

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