Hi, my name is Grace. I like to read and write. I am a happy go lucky kind of gal. I love pandas and anime. I am also not ashamed to admit it. I like a good laugh, and I am very open-minded. If you have an idea for a story, I would love to hear it. This is a safe and supportive community. If you have any negativity, please don't share it. My favourite book series harry potter. My favourite anime is a tie between My hero academia, One piece and KHR.
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Portgas D. Ann and the Riot Pirates... WHAT? by GraceMore5
Portgas D. Ann and the Riot Pirate...
A soul, Portgas D. Ann, Clarie, Brat, Bitch, Gold D. Ann, Demon Child, and Angel. Ann has lots of different n...
ASL in white by GraceMore5
ASL in white
They were six and twelve when they were taken. It's been six years since then. Ace, Luffy and Sabo were raise...
Shattered Dreams and Shattered Hope by GraceMore5
Shattered Dreams and Shattered Hope
What if Tsuna's flames were a little less compatible with nana's rainy sky than in cannon. If the seal that c...
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