Chapter Nine of Daughter of Britain is now up! Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend!


@Happilyneverafters I'm with @TheScarlettSparrow I too can't find the 9th chapter but it has 9 parts including your author's chapter. Loving the the book btw and was in love with War Prize. An update would be nice too  just saying.


@Happilyneverafters I cannot find chapter nine anywhere, Daughter of Britain only had eight chapters. Kind regards.


Hello, I've read your story and it was amazinggggggg. I enjoyed reading it so much! Please ignore the bad comments and negativity.
          You are amazing on your own!
          I'm looking forward for the sequel of War Prize :) I would love to read it as much as I love War Prize. 
          Till then, have a nice day and bye! 


Awesome book, I enjoyed reading. You've made me curious about that era, you must have done alot of research. You should be proud, not every writer can present such comprehensive content. Waiting for the next one.