Chapter Nine of Daughter of Britain is now up! Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend!


@Happilyneverafters I'm with @TheScarlettSparrow I too can't find the 9th chapter but it has 9 parts including your author's chapter. Loving the the book btw and was in love with War Prize. An update would be nice too  just saying.


@Happilyneverafters I cannot find chapter nine anywhere, Daughter of Britain only had eight chapters. Kind regards.


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Author I'm sorry if you lost your ability to overcome the criticism of others, it's a shame. Your story war prize was really good one of my favorite stories taken place BC era. You should be loyal to your stories, and characters, and not dwell on the opinions of people who most likely have no fucking clue on what their talking about, and no creativity in their ignorant brain what so ever.  I was really looking forward to the next story, I hope you take in consideration for the people who are brilliant enough to see the beauty, and awesomeness in your stories, and get back to work posting your stories. Don't let the simple minds control the narrative. God bless! 


I really wish you didn’t listen to haters…do they know how to write??!!! I am reading your book and see talent and potential for great books. I don’t think you should give up…please know you have alot of followers who appreciated your book!!! 


Dearest author! Your story "war prize" has touched many of our hearts. We desperately miss you. Please ignore the haters because they will be always hating on someone or the other. There are people & readers like us who loves your writing & believes in you. Don't give up on us & continue writing amazing stories. We hope that one day you will come back & invigorate us with new plots & characters<3


I'm not sure that you will ever see this, but just in case, your writing is fabulous, the plot and character developments are believable and well thought out, your work is refreshingly clean and altogether a very enjoyable read.