I hope you see this messeage. I read Remain Nameless like crazy for 5 days and even just  finished it. I cried from hapiness in the last episode. 
          The eighth book Rowling owes us is definitely Remain Nameless. If I didn't have my university stuffs, I would definitely like to translate this book into Turkish. 
          I'm starting medical schook this year so I'm so excited. I hope I have a happy story like Draco and Hermione when I finish college and become doctor.
          Remain Nameless is the most elaborate annd wonderful of the Dramione stories. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece with us.
          Take care :)


@ Deniseofdreams  i wish you that happy ending as Draco and Hermione. :) And i kepp my thimbs for your school, look around for handsome Draco in real life. :D


Hello! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your stories, not just Remain Nameless but also your othet short stories like Nutcracker Pas de Deux and Courting Customs Most Sacred. Your writing is really one of the most amazing I've read in a while. And I was just wondering if you were planning on writing a chapter about Hermione and Theo's friendship if your Ceremonials book, like how you did for Ginny and Draco. I think it would be a really cute little chapter, but no pressure though. It's okay if you don't because RN alone is already one of my fav books.


@hirohwro hi, thank you so much! I probably won't do a whole chapter on just them, but i can promise Theo will pop up more once I have time to write ❤


Hey Jude,please read this,
          So I'm talking about you magnificent work 'remain nameless' here.
          Absolutely loved your story,i mean how could one not?It has a beggining that made me pity Draco,progress that made me smile and fell proud of him, an ending that bought me to tears.It was a perfect and realistic story.I just finished reading it(and decided on tattooing 'turnabout's fairplay',it was a wonderful phrase).I started following you.Also I'm a begginer at writing so any tips?I will also read your other stories and.....thankyou for writing such an amazing story.You have really good writing skills.


Jude,Thankyou so much for your advice!


@charlottemalfoyhere Hi Charlotte, thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the story, it's my personal favorite :)
            That's wonderful that you're writing! The best advice I can give is: write for yourself.  If you're happy with the story you're telling, that will come through. And like any skill, if you want to improve your writing the best thing you can do is to keep writing :)