Hi, you can call me Hazzy. I am a full blown theatre kid, book and movie nerd, as well as being someone who plays soccer. 

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Dear Bullies,
That boy you made fun of in class today? He killed himself a few minutes ago. That girl you called dumb? She has dyslexia. That girl you called fat? She's starving herself. That woman you called bald? She has cancer. That kid you called bald? He has cancer too. That man you laughed at for having scars on his face? He fought for our country. That boy you punched in the hallway today? He's already being abused at home. That child you called retarded for being in a wheelchair? He risked his life to save a four year old. That boy you laughed at for crying? His mother died in the hospital. You think you know them? Wrong. You don't. 99% of you will ignore this, the 1% who don't, copy and paste this if you have a heart.

I am not by any means a artist. Credits go to the real artists though.
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