(only focussing on my current roleplays.)  That's a bowtie underneath the pfp btw.

I'm Ren nice to meet you, my feelings are hurt easily I'm sensitive so I will break down irl if you hurt my feelings heh, welcome to my bio I like anime, Space. Cosmic Beauty and horror....
Oh and songs by Lemon Demon and a bit of poetry


@Batz8795 Good friend, most of time. The nicknames she gave me was Ren and Renzy
@NebulaQueen42 Also a really good friend, Nick name for her Mcadziel lol, give them both a follow
@theinkbunny 0/11 would totally recommend!

If everyone is not special
Maybe you can be what you want to be
Everyone will surely find their own answer


Longing... Distress... Pump it up!
Searching for yourself... Telepathy!
Asking for too much... Psycho punch!
Youthful days... Salt splash!
Mob? Mob? What do you want?
Mob? Mob? Why do you want?
Mob? Mob? Who do you want?
Move! Move! Just like Mob!

If everyone is not special
Maybe you can be what you want to be
Even if you're burdened by happiness and sadness...
Your life is your own, OK? ... it's OK to not be special
Everyone will surely find their own answer


Fake smiles... Spirit laser beams!
Can't read social cues... Demon rush!
Loss of confidence... Psycho wave!
graphic exorcism Love!

Mob? Mob? Where do you go?
Mob? Mob? Which do you go?
Mob? Mob? How do you go?
Love? Love? Just like Mob?
[Song Name?: Kick Back, Chainsaw man OP]
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