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I really love reading you story. I want to support you. Keep it up, bro!


Hewoo buddy!! I got a book for you if you're interested in reading it.
          If you're looking for unexpected twists that drives you insane,some rom-com,slice of life and of course mystery/thrill this is a perfect roller coaster ride!!
          Trust me,those votes and views you see below can't define the entire book,as its ongoing. But I assure you Sir/Mam that its worth a shot *winks*
          I'm an amateur writing striving to better than yesterday. So I would love to read your comments and thoughts :)
          If time permits you,I'll be the happiest one,if you give it a try.
          Take care,


In 2040s America, staying out after dark guarantees a person will be trafficked into a terrorist organization. The Red Doves abduct people and brainwash them into soldiers for their government overthrow, hoping to succeed where the coup on January 6th, 2021, failed. 
          Aaliyah Denbright serves as Director of CANARY, a Homeland Security Department agency tasked with finding the Red Doves, and navigates workplace prejudice as a Muslim leader. She is also ex-lovers with the Red Doves' founder, King Tourtombee, and now must destroy the beast she once loved. 
          Meanwhile, James Starling, a writer struggling with OCD, reels with guilt over accidentally causing his father's abduction. James enlists in CANARY's military to recover his father as he copes with shunning from his family. If the Red Doves launch a successful coup, American political life will forever change through new laws, institutions, and leaders, and the documents of the Founding Fathers will be left to history.