-Hi all! I am not dead but I started a new job and moved! Any kind words or suggestions for my stories is greatly appreciated! I love you all!


Hi everyone! I am down bad with COVID and would love to hear some comments/ideas for my current stories so I can get back writing when I feel better! Right now I feel like I am hallucinating and going to be bedridden for a few days love you all 


@InfinityRingMaster God bless you ... take care of yourself 


@InfinityRingMaster All mighty bless you and be cured earliest possible friend.


Hello there, 
          Please forgive my rude intrusion. Just wanted to take advantage of your huge number of followers to advertise my book. Thanks in advance though.
          My Book WRATH OF A SISTER is now available for all to read. Please visit the link below and share your thoughts and votes if you like it. 
          Stay blessed Author...more grease to the elbow!