I know the next chapter is long overdue but I feel like I should really say something rather than keeping you guys in the dark. 
          	I'm not going to make any promises that it will be out by next week or anytime soon. I really tried to make a full chapter but its a constant circle of reading my story to remind myself about what I'm writing, getting distracted by the comments, glancing at the clock and realizing its already late, then feeling extremely guilty because I never got around to it. The more time that has passed and that I promised to myself that I would surprise you guys with an update led to more anxiety each time the deadline flew by. 
          	Not to mention my schedule is packed and life is hectic but I'm not really gonna go into details. 
          	It's just I don't want to update and either regret it or go on hiatus again for a couple weeks. So right now, I am going to put both books on hold until around the end of May. 
          	I know I suck as a writer, but I'm sorry. I already failed my New Years Resolution (badly) and really really hate to have not updated in so long, but I set an official  deadline for myself and will get back on track. Just now hopefully without as much of a guilty conscience.
          	I'm sorry if you've been looking forward to it or have forgotten the story by now, and I understand that ya'll hate hiatuses (I do too), but now I'm letting you know, even if it was really late.
          	Sorry for such a long comment. Please don't get too upset and try to understand if possible. I plan to work on both stories once I have more time. As always, I hope you all stay happy, healthy, and safe. Sorry again :((


@Infired_Mochi Take your time. Focus in school. Take breaks. Enjoy time with friends and family. We can wait. But please don’t forget us!!


@Infired_Mochi we completely understand, I miss "Safe" And am willing to wait, I hope you stay healthy, happy and brilliant. We as your readers, purple you so stinking much, fighting 


You. You always come first. The. End. Take care of yourself, take TIME for you and there’s never a rush