Name: Ace
Age: 17
Pronouns: They/them
Likes: ST☆RISH (Look it up), plushies, anime guys and girls, reading, anime.
Dislikes: Life, people who can't speak proper English, people, crowds, loud noises, FNAF (it more so terrifies them).
Status: quiznak cockwaffles

OCs, what do you think of them?(TOO MANY OCS HOW IN THE HELL)

Kai(OC1): They sing songs that are in Japanese...
Fei(OC2): Obsesses about a lot... easily...
Cecilia(OC3): Is quite sadistic...
Zachar'amyr(OC4): *ignores question*
Emi(OC5): Just like me!
Thea(OC6): I want them to go with me back to Norway so they can become more fluent in Norsk!
Genov/Torill(OC7-1): I still don't understand how their mind processes things...
2pGenov/Thyra(OC7-2): Well, they haven't reached their climax yet, so let's wait and see!
Galen(OC8): Well, I can't really say much. They haven't bothered me, though they are quite entertaining depending on their mood.
Aoi(OC9): W-well... wait... can I get a different question??
Yue(OC10): They're alright but can we get onto the better topic of WHAT they are?
Masami(OC11): T-they're nice to me... I mean... no one else seems to treat me normally except them... I'm glad to have them as a friend, really...
Fury(OC12): They actually have a hard core beneath their skin, so don't tick them off.
Rage(OC13): Eh, whatever I guess. They're kinda like Fury in a sense. Loyal until they no longer feels the need to be, if that makes sense.
Stella(OC14): Quite lazy, but then again, my brother and I can't say much. *chuckles*
Enzo(OC15): I suppose they're tolerable, a bit less cynical than I however.
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