Hey guys, just wanted to give you an update. I’m currently in a bad writers block. I have been for a few months, and I’ve forced chapters out. I’m not proud of my latest ones, and feel like if I take a bit of time to myself, I’ll come back and give you guys the chapters you deserve. I am sorry for the delays.


@ItsLayLayH is there a chance or possibility u can write a part two of running with his child the suspense is killing me


@ItsLayLayH the last chapters you posted are great please keep up the good work 


Isis Armstrong é uma garota simples que mora em um vilarejo pobre. O país onde vive, Avalonia, é governado por um rei e uma rainha corruptos, que se beneficiam dos luxos e privilégios, enquanto os mais pobres vivem na miséria.
          Quando o Dia da Escolha chega, ela tem que decidir entre: continuar no trabalho de seus pais, ir para a faculdade ou se alistar no exército. Sua escolha seria a primeira opção, mas tudo muda quando um desastre acontece e ela começa a ter experiências sobrenaturais, a obrigando a entrar no exército.
          Nessa história emocionante, Isis terá que lutar contra suas próprias escolhas e se juntar à um grupo que tem como objetivo derrubar o sistema do país.


Lisa is the peculiar youngest sister to her two beautiful sisters, but other from that, she's very content with the way she looks and doesn't really care about beauty-that is, until the most beautiful boy she has ever seen comes to visit. At first she finds herself captivated to the boy and starts to feel something for him, but she is shocked to find that he is a bully, haughty and conceited, and he believes that only beautiful people should be seen with him. Everything happens so fast, and Lisa pretends that these beautiful monster words don't effect her.